Shiny bits, playful cut-outs and mysterious prints. Let the treasure hunt begin!

#DAIGEMUSE // Felícia Sugár, VOY Studio

The ceramist behind the brand Voy Studio is Felícia Sugár, with whom our creative director, Melinda has a long-standing friendship. Her talent, perseverance and self-identified personality make her a true #daigemuse for us. We asked Felícia about her story with ceramics and our collaboration, the SOAKED jewellery collection as well.

Add some new favourites to your spring wardrobe. 

Travel back in time to the 70s!

  • The Gem Story campaign

    In this fantasy, the Moon falls in love with the Sun. She entrusts her gift, a Fabulous Jewel, to Jack Hare who must travel through Earth, Air, Fire and Water to the Sun.

  • The treasure-hunting storybook

    During the eighties, the world went crazy over more than just pop music, voluminous hair and shoulder pads: a storybook illustrated with incredible paintings had everyone talking. Masquarade by Kit Williams invited readers on a real treasure hunt across the landscapes of Great Britain.


    Life as artists at home, in marriage, in a kimono…We talked to painter and costume designer Nikolett Schütz, Süci, and the guitarist of Ivan & The Parazol, Máté Balla, the models of our photo shoot about fashion and art in the reflection of their shared life. 

  • 9 Golden Rules of Caring for Your T-shirt

    You know that annoying feeling when your favorite new t-shirt gets stretched out, loses its color, and is already piling after the first few washes, right? At DAIGE we believe that the most important aspect of being eco-friendly is valuing and caring for the garments we already own.


ELLE March 2022

Photo: Dávid Ajkai
Model: Kinga Rajzak
Styling: Melinda Csík
Styling Assistant: Kinga Lakat , Mici Pohl
Hair: László Pásztor
Make-up: Nóra Belovai