Our Sustainable Vision

At DAIGE we aim to be environmentally conscious regarding production processes as well as material choices.

Our goal is to become more sustainable every day, with every decision made. Every season we expand the range of natural and sustainable materials in our collections. Among our favourites are organic cotton, Tencel, ramie, modal, and cupro, but we also like to use 100% recycled polyester. 

100% of DAIGE products are made by domestic manufacturers, where proper working conditions and fair wages are unequivocally accepted norms. Our seamstresses and knitwear manufacturers make every DAIGE garment with years of experience and lots of attention and care.

Most fashion brands design and produce collections 12-18 months in advance, stockpiling and often wasting fabric or finished goods. In the spirit of sustainability, at DAIGE we decided to work as a direct-to-consumer brand. In practice, this means we don’t design collections 12 months before showing them. We launch mini collections or ‘drops’ that reflect the current demand and the current season. And as for stock, we produce on-demand, in quantities our customer's order, avoiding unnecessary stockpiling and wasting materials. 

If your order takes a bit longer than usual to arrive, that’s because it is made specifically for you!