9 Golden Rules of Caring for Your T-shirt

You know that annoying feeling when your favorite new t-shirt gets stretched out, loses its color, and is already piling after the first few washes, right? At DAIGE we believe that the most important aspect of being eco-friendly is valuing and caring for the garments we already own. With some effort we can lengthen the life of a product so it can be enjoyed longer, while protecting the Earth (and our wallets!) by buying less. Make your t-shirts last with the care tips below!

9 tips to care for your t-shirts:

1. Wash them less!

2. Wash them together with similarly coloured items!

3. Wash them in cold water!

4. Wash & dry them inside out!

5. Make sure you use the correct amount of a good quality detergent!

6. Do not tumble dry your t-shirts!

7. Iron them inside out!

8. Store them flat, neatly folded!

9. Remove any stains immediately!