How to care for your knitwear items

One of the key elements of sustainable shopping is to take good care of your carefully selected garments so that you can wear them for as long as possible. Knitwear, including items made from organic yarn, require special attention, but believe me, those special pieces will be grateful for the proper care, and they will remain the favorites of your wardrobe for many, many years to come!


#1 Do not put your knit items in a washing machine, dryer or cleaner! 

#2 Instead, hand wash in a maximum of 30 degrees of water!

#3 Use a natural detergent, fabric softener or soap. 

# 4 Never dry your knitwear hanging! The easiest way is to lay it on a towel so it won’t drip. 

# 5 Store the garments flat, neatly folded instead of hanging!