About SATISFACTION: the inspiration behind our FW 22/23 collection

Read about the main influences, the muses and the design process behind our Fall Winter 2022-2023 collection. 

Our designer, Melinda Tóth is constantly on the lookout for inspiration which can emerge from many sources. It can come from movies, paintings, architecture, literature and of course more often than not, iconic fashion moments of the present and past. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that we wholeheartedly reject trend cycles. We believe in the power of personal style that is continuously influenced by current and past fashion trends but which is cultivated consciously. 

At DAIGE, we aim to create timeless pieces that are rooted in our joyful nostalgia for the past but are unmistakably contemporary. 

For SATISFACTION, we traveled back in time to ride the psychedelic waves of the groovy 1960s and ‘70s. The iconic, trippy wavy designs were everywhere at that time: clothes, prints, illustrations and even furniture. 

You can spot the funky wavy lines flowing through our entire collection. They vibrate with bold colors and joyous energy. Sometimes they dominate the entire piece, swirling, cascading and circulating. Other times they appear in small, subtle details, either stitched into the garment or by creating an undulating silhouette.

The flower power movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s is reflected in some of the floral patterns and embroidery in SATISFACTION. Some pieces even evoke traditional Hungarian folk motifs. The DAIGE original prints and patterns are always the highlights of each collection. 

Whenever we put together a collection, we aim to provide a full wardrobe experience. Meaning that alongside the statement pieces and unique patterns we always include wardrobe basics and more laid-back items you can pair with anything. We know from personal experience that the way we dress on a certain day depends on our mood, our emotional state and the plans we have for the day. 

Basically we make clothes for the days you want to look extra, like a rock star on stage but also for the days you’d rather channel a rock star on their day off, incognito. 

Speaking of rock stars, the main muse behind our collection was none other than Mick Jagger. His daring style that defined an entire generation lent that rock and roll attitude to SATISFACTION. 

Jagger loved bold colors and wore them fearlessly. The warm fall colors in SATISFACTION spiced up with fuchsia, pistachio green and neon orange reflect his fashion-forward thinking.

You can also find direct references to his iconic looks in the flowy, open front shirts, large collars, faux fur jackets and exciting prints and patterns in our collection. Jagger wasn’t afraid of challenging societal norms: his gender-bending choices continue to inspire artists to this day. 

His girlfriends and wives were also style icons in their own right, several pieces in the collection, like MARIANNE, JERRY or MARSHA bear their name.

Have we SATISFIED your curiosity? Explore the collection and see whether you can spot our inspiration in each garment.