Outfit analysis for spring

The ceramist behind the brand Voy Studio is Felícia Sugár, with whom our creative director, Melinda has a long-standing friendship. Her talent, perseverance and self-identified personality make her a true #daigemuse for us.
We asked Felícia about her story with ceramics and our collaboration, the SOAKED jewellery collection as well.


The similar patterns of the turtleneck and the dress work so well together, there's a cool, sophisticated effect of them which I wanted to pair with something unexpected, that’s where the thigh boots and the vintage (!) bag from the nineties came into play. 


I felt like a character from Euphoria in this monochrome patterned top with the asymmetrical cutout. (Hint the poses.) I love when I feel like I can show something new with the very classy black and white look.


This is my favourite silhouette for the summer. Long shirt plus barely-there bottoms, this time a second hand, white pleated skirt. I matched it with the schoolboy duo of socks and moccasins, so we got another version of the brown-blue-red threesome!


This is the outfit I would wear if I were going on a date with my husband. A cotton minidress with a feminine cut paired with a long, baggy trench coat is a comfortable, yet quite flirty choice. The colors are also harmonious, 4-5 shades of grey with an extra, gold bag that shouldn't match the outfit, but somehow does.


I call this look "just wear a t-shirt, Zsófi". I love the t-shirt’s colours, so I wanted to continue the shade with a pair of butter-coloured pants, and jazz it up with a pearl-sequined “Auntie goes to the theatre” jacket. And the black clogs are a pretty obvious finish, aren’t they?


Is this a good girl or bad girl look? I can’t decide either.  But I do believe that’s always a valid dressing principle, when in doubt. For me, what makes the outfit is mainly the contrast between the seventies-inspired long collar, button-down shirt and the vintage leather jacket. But there are interesting, undecidable nuances in the straight-leg jeans and pointed-toe shoes as well. 


This outfit shows that you can mix and match brown and blue with any other pastel shade. In addition to the yellow of the bag, I'd also like to point out the mint green of the door and the lilac shade of the wall!
All are excellent brown companions.


This set made me feel like I was Tilda Swinton for some reason, I'm not sure why. I love the long ties of the vest which can be knotted in the front or back or the side! And this turtleneck is one of the most layerable pieces I know. Just think about how boring the outfit would be without it!