1. #DAIGEMUSE // Riederauer Dóra

    #DAIGEMUSE // Riederauer Dóra

    The 2020 spring-summer capsule collection named Rocaille combines the comfortable, soft, sustainable materials o...
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  2. 9 Golden Rules of Caring for Your T-shirt

    9 Golden Rules of Caring for Your T-shirt

    You know that annoying feeling when your favorite new t-shirt gets stretched out, loses its color, and is already piling after the first few washes, right? At DAIGE we believe that the most important aspect of being eco-friendly is valuing and caring for the garments we already own. With some effort we can lengthen the life of a product so it can be enjoyed longer, while protecting the Earth (and our wallets!) by buying less. Make your t-shirts last with the care tips below!
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  3. #DAIGEMUSE // Nikolett Schütz & Máté Balla

    #DAIGEMUSE // Nikolett Schütz & Máté Balla

    “OUR IMPRESSIONS CLEARLY APPEAR IN EACH OTHER’S ART” Life as artists at home, in marriage, in a kimono… We talked to painter and costume designer Nikolett Schütz, Süci, and the guitarist of Ivan & The Parazol, Máté Balla, the models of our photo shoot about fashion and art in the reflection of their shared life.
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    Art nouveau patterns reminiscent of the waves of sea plants can be styled in exciting ways.New basics, thrilling monochrome pieces, a hypnotic pair...
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